Beauty and the Beast
By Tom Whalley
Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th December 2022

The Players are very excited to announce our return to the stage with Tom Whalley's 'Beauty and the Beast'. After our time in lockdown, we are so happy to coming back to entertain you in our 60th year milestone show.


A tale as old as time. Beautiful Belle dreams of living the adventures she reads about in her books. When she becomes the prisoner of a monstrous beast, her hapless father and best friends Brie and Nanny Nightnurse must rescue her from his clutches and from his collection of enchanted objects! However, the beast was once a handsome yet vain prince cursed by a wicked enchantress; doomed to remain a monster until he learned to love. If he could have a change of heart before the final rose petal fell, the spell would be broken...but who could ever learn to love a beast?

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