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2001 carried on the latest trend and the players continued to attend the Chalfont Drama Festival. The players were awarded a 'Distinction' for the their performance of 'A Dogs Life'. Which they then performed with a series of sketches, nicknamed by the group as 'Doggies' in May 2001.

In 2003 the idea of another Music Hall was put forward to celebrate the Players 40th Anniversary, instead of the normal November play. In 2005 the group began seeing younger members join again, now 10 years after the 'Kids Group' ended.

2006 saw the start of a new Stoke Poges Players tradition of performing an annual Pantomime. With more younger members joining the players, a sub-group was once again formed but this time under the name 'Stoke Poges Players Youth' or 'SPPY' (spy) for short. As we now had a youth base the group came up with a new rehearsal schedule. SPPY and the Players would come together to put on the annual pantomime in November/December then part ways for the May play to prepare for their respective shows.

In 2010 SPPY entered the 'Bucks Free Masons Competition'. SPPY split into two teams to fit the required age brackets and produced two sketches. The first sketch by the older group was to demonstrate the danger of drink and drugs in the young community and the younger group tackled the danger of bulling. Both groups got though to the semi finials but sadly that is as far as they got. However together they won a sum of £250.

Shows Performed:

2001 – A Dogs life (Double Bill)

2001 – Doggies (Double Bill)

2002 - A Fly in the Ointment

              (Postponed play from Nov 2001)

2002 - They Call it Murder

2002 - Love Begins at Fifty

2003 - Proscenophobia

2003 - Players 40th Anniversary

             Music Hall Show

2004 - Breath of Spring

2004 – An Evening Around the Piano

               (A night put together by the players, of songs, monologues and sketches)

2005 - Confusions

2005 - The Perfekt Crime

2006 - Last Tango in little Grimly (Double Bill)

2006 - Last Panto in Little Grimly (Double Bill)

2006 - Cinders, the True Story (Pantomime)

2007 - Can you hear the Music? (Double Bill)

2007 - The Droitwich Discovery (Double Bill)

2007 - Red Riding Hood (Pantomime)

2008 - A Dog’s Life (Double Bill)

2008 - Day of Reckoning (Double Bill)

2008 - Goody Two Shoes (Pantomime)

2009 - Curtain Call

2009 - The Wizard of Wonderland (SPPY)

2009 - Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)

2010 - You Too Can Have a Body

2010 - Rumplestiltskin's Racket (SPPY)

2010 - Babes in The Wood (Pantomime)

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