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With music hall shows still being a success the players continued to put on shows every year until 2000 (except years 97 & 99)

In a committee meeting mid 1991 it was decided that smoking in the hall during rehearsals should be put to a stop, however smoking during coffee breaks was allowed.

In 1990-91 talks were in place to form a sub-group for kids in the village. This was run by two members of the group and was known as 'Kids Group'. The group had previously been a member of the 'British Theatre guild' and decided in the 1992 AGM to end that membership until further notice. 1993 was the year a pantomime performance was first suggested, the idea was passed over due to concerns of the current audience the group had. Instead a 'double bill' performance was chosen. This way more members could be involved in the production.

The music hall show in 1995 was a such a success that the group did it again for their May play and named it 'Wartime Songs and Humour' in honour of VE day. It was proposed in 1996 AGM not to continue the tradition of a music hall evening and instead compete in local drama festivals. The 1997 Musical Hall and May play were replaced by preparation for the annual Chalfont Drama festival. A lot of hard work was put into the performance and the players were delighted to receive a certificate of merit. 1998 the players enjoyed returning to the Music Hall program, but in 1999 the Music Hall was missed once again due to lack of time. Instead the group decided to enter the Chalfont drama festival again and came away with a 'Very Credible Merit' award. We entered again in 2000 with a one act play and we were awarded with a 'Distinction'. Earlier in 2000 the players performed a 'Millennial Special Music Hall'.

Shows Performed:

1991 - Thriller of the Year

1991 - Off the Hook

1992 -Aurelia

1992 - Party Piece

             (Cancelled due to licensing issues)

1993 - Fumed Oak (Double Bill)

1993 - Anyone for Tennis (Double Bill)

1993 - Pink String and Sealing Wax

               (Players 30th Anniversary Production)

1994 - Out of Focus

1994 - Move Over Mrs Markham

1995 - Wartime Songs and Humour

              (Music Hall Special for VE day)

1995 - A Tomb With a View

1996 - The Small Hours

1996 - The Happiest Days of Your Life

1997 - Between Mouthfuls

              (One Act play taken to drama fetival)

1997 - Close to the Wind

1998 - Murder Mistaken

1998 - Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

                (Sequel to A Tomb With a View)

1999 - Anybody for Murder

1999 - Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime

2000 - What’s For Pudding? (Triple Bill)

2000 - Day Trippers (Triple Bill)

2000 - Theatrical Digs (Triple Bill)

2000 - Holiday Snap!

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