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Welcome to the beginning of your local theatre group.

With the minutes of our first meeting held on 12th November 1963 lost, we know very little of what transpired within the first 6 months. We know from the next meeting minutes' that the Stoke Poges Players had their first show during this time.

Stoke Poges Players First AGM:

We held our first annual meeting on Monday 11th of May 1964, with 18 members present and one absent due to illness. A committee was put in place with roles that consisted of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 6 other members. The Chairman then put forward the idea of a 'Meet the Players Evening'. An informal event were members of the community could come and watch the players perform one act plays and possible short sketches, complete with drinks and refreshments. This was unanimously agreed upon and a small sub-committee was formed for the arrangement of the function. The date was agreed to be Saturday 3rd October 1964.

The group later discussed points such as 'The method of selecting plays', 'Adoption of the groups Rules', 'Statement of Accounts' and ended with the next meeting being agreed to be 25th May 1964.

Later in the rules, finalised September 1964; it was decided that members pay a subscription to help with the running of the group. For ordinary (acting) members the fee was 10/6d per year and 2/6d for associate members. In those days potential members had to face a committee in order to join.

According to the statement of accounts from 1967 – 1980 the group had annual 'Jumble Sales' to help rise funds for our shows.

Shows Preformed:

1964 - Cat Among the Pigeons

1964 - A Lady Mislaid

1965 - Mystery at Abbotts Mead

1965 - But Once a Year

1966 - Brief Suspicion

1966 - Job for the Boy

1967 - Fish Out of Water

1967 -The Secret Tent

1968 - The Patient in 4B

1968 - Three’s Company

1969 - Pickle in Paradise

1969 - Pitfall

1970 - No Time for Fig Leaves

1970 - Nothing Legal

1970 - Thriller of the Yea

1971 - Fumed Oak

1971 - Ladies in Retirement


1972 - I’ll Get My Man

1972 - The Man Outside

1973 - Goodnight Mrs Puffin

1973 - Murder in Company

1974 - Mist Over the Mistletoe

1974 - A Public Mischief

1975 - Treble Bill

1976 - Spring & Port Wine

1976 - Murder for the Asking

1977 - The House on the Cliff

1977 - Blithe Spirit

1978 - Milk and Honey

1978 - Trap for a Lonely Man

1979 - Busybody

1979 - Look No Hands

1980 - How Now Hecate

1980 - The Taxpayer's Waltz

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