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2011 saw a decline in the youth section of the players due to the ever increasing pressure of exams and went from 25 members to 10 in one year. In 2012 SPPY decided to do one last show before they disbanded this was 'Somebody Famous' with a one time showing. After that the older members of SPPY combined with the players and were involved into the coming may play and annual pantomime. The group continued to welcome young members to be involved in the pantomimes. This way the children could still be members and be involved but then take a break to concentrate on school in May.

With the annual pantomime being a constant for the group, the players continued to push the boundaries and push themselves to give the best shows. With this, the players moved away from the traditional piano accompaniment and moved to backing tracks with a new sound system. The group also updated all the stage flats with lighter and more useable ones in 2016.

In 2017 the players collaborated with the 'Slough Writers Group' and performed two of their one act plays in a double bill. The first since 2008.

Sadly we end this decade with an anti-climax. As in 2020 the players and to put a hold on all meetings due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The players however met on line and kept busy by focusing on their social media presence and youtube channel.

Shows Performed:

2011 - Inspector Drake’s Last Case

2011 - The Grand Old Duke of York (Pantomime)

2012 - Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb

2012 - Somebody Famous (SPPY)

2012 - King Arthur (Pantomime)

2013 - Out of Sight.. Out of Murder

2013 - Dick Whittington (Pantomime)

             (Players 50th Anniversary)

2014 - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

               (First performed by the players 1999)

2014 - Cinderella (Pantomime)

2015 - A Tomb with a View

            (First performed by the players 1995)

2015 - Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

2016 - Happy Acres

2016 - Robin Hood (Pantomime)

2017 – Zoo (Double Bill)

2017 – Whistleblower (Double Bill)

2017 – Geronimo! (Pantomime)

2018 – Erica and Me (Double Bill)

2018 – Captive Audience (Double Bill)

2018 – Alice in Wonderland (Pantomime)

2019 – The Ladykillers

2019 – The Little Mermaid (Pantomime)

2020 – Don't Get your Vicars in a Twist

             (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

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